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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mill Tressel Remnants Skykomish

Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mill railroad tressel remnants Skykomish.

Julius Harold Bloedel (March 4, 1864, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin – 1957, State of Washington) moved from Wisconsin to Fairhaven, Washington (later Bellingham) in 1890, where he became president of Fairhaven National Bank. He engaged in several frontier business ventures, including the Samish Lake Lumber and Mill Company, Blue Canyon Coal Mines, and, as mentioned, the Fairhaven National Bank. He partnered and worked closely with the Bellingham pioneers. Although many of these operations folded eventually, Bloedel's financial know-how managed to keep him afloat through a series of boom-and-bust economic trials. In August 1898, he founded the Whatcom Logging Company with fellow frontier businessmen John Joseph Donovan and Peter Larson, which would later become known as the Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mills.

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