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Friday, June 3, 2011

Carbonado, Washington mining remnants

Remnants of a Carbonado mine fan house and power house now up on GTW.

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  1. Dear Tim:
    I so enjoyed the website you have created here. I have done some exploring in the same areas that you have as I used to live in the area. I even went to a garage sale in Carbonado one day that a lady was having, due the fact that her husband had died. I bought a box of his odds and ends from his shed and low and behold inside I found a number of token coins that could only be used in the company store when the mine owned the town. That was kind of cool and I believe a rare find.

    I wish I could remember the book that has been written on the Carbon River mines. There is some very interesting facts about Carbonado/Farfax, the Farfax school which is now a nice ranch house farther up the road and the lone hermit who lived with his animals in the old school house foundation for years,etc... If you have not read it, it would be a plus for your research. I am sure the Pierce Co. library could help you locate it.
    Thank you again. You are an artist.
    Dr. Schultz