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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Burnett, Wa Cemetery

I have been doing some exploring again in the Carbon River area along Burnett, Wilkeson, and Carbonado.  I had heard a rumor of Burnett having a cemetery at one time.  I could not find any records of the cemetery existing today or location.  I finally ran across a small piece of information I found fascinating.

Ten graves (or more) were exhumed and moved in 1954.
There was an epidemic of tyhpoid and to protect the community
graves were removed.  Who and where is unknown.
The small listing below was left at that time.
Mary Barber was a child and the relatives in California had her body exhumed
to be there.

A local resident was paid to upkeep her grave site for many years before she was
moved.  He built a picket fence and took flowers annually on her death date.
All stones and graves are gone and this cemetery is now non-existent.

I cannot find any other information on the exhumation.  I have seen the movie Poltergeist.........hmmm makes one wonder.

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  1. I`ve been to the cemetary and to get there theres a little trail you have to follow of of the powerline road behind burnett.The government came in the late 70`s and took quite a few of the graves out in canisters and limed the area.But and old man named louie gato had lived in the town since he was a boy when only 1 car a month would come through town.He showed me in old photographs where the airport was the saw mill the hospital and everything else you could imagine and of course that cemetary.when I first went there there was pieces of old wooden tombstones and parts of old iron fence and gate.A couple of sandstone tombstones.Last time i was there was just the pieces and the holes where the government came and took the bodies.Grave robbers got sick or something.Quite a place to grow up i`ll tell you that.Thanks Louie.........