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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to Ghost Towns of Washington

Ghost Towns of Washington Photographing and documenting remnants of Washington States mining and lumber industies past.

Most outdoor enthusiasts go hiking, fishing, or mountain climbing, ghost towner's have an enthusiasm of their own.  Ghost Towner's  seek out towns that once existed or will  cease to exist in the future.  Photographing and documenting these remnants of the past.
It was not long ago we decided to embark on a series of fascinating self guided weekend expedition to ghost towns in the foot hills of  western and eastern Washington.  We set out seeking the thrill of adventure and undiscovered treasures. What we discovered was much more than we bargained for.

These ghost towns revealed their stories of disaster, sacrifice, and the rich history of the all but forgotten people who shaped many of our communities.

We decided to create this site as a tribute to Washington's early mining and lumber communities. Their history and the people who forged them.


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